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  •  1/9/2023

Annuity Sales Reached Record Highs in 2022 – Learn Why in Our Annual Insights Report


Annuity sales soared in 2022[1] as investors sought ways to protect principal, according to SIMON from iCapital’s 2022 Annuity Insights Report, which draws from industry and platform data to uncover the top trends and major shifts in the annuity products marketplace.

In the report, readers will:

  • Discover which annuity products hit record highs and which ones waned amidst investor uncertainty in equity and fixed income markets.
  • Learn about which types of annuities grew fastest and why, and discover which are projected to gain the most momentum in 2023.
  • Learn about cutting-edge tools advisors are using most on the SIMON from iCapital platform to evaluate annuities.
  • See how iCapital’s acquisition of SIMON has created a powerful, full-service platform, complete with tools, education, and a comprehensive set of strategies to help drive access and efficiency for the asset and wealth management industries.
  • Get an inside look at the exciting lineup of innovative tools and features coming to SIMON from iCapital in 2023!

Financial professionals with access to annuities on SIMON from iCapital can view our 2022 Annuity Insight Report within the Learning Center. Need help getting access? Contact

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[1] Year ended Oct. 31, 2022.



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